Xact Link for ACT! and QuickBooks Server Guide

If you have configured the link to run as a Windows Service and now wish to upgrade your QuickBooks / Reckon Accounts (NZ/AU only) you will need to follow these instructions.

Step 1: Record your current settings and stop the QBLinkServer service

  1. Open Windows Services (run "services.msc")
  2. Find "Xact QuickBooks Link Service" from the list
  3. Note which user "Xact QuickBooks Link Service" is logged on as (e.g. ".\Randy")
  4. Double-click to open properties
  5. Stop the service if running
  6. Change Startup Type to "Disabled" (we will need to re-enable this once the QBLink Server is re-authenticated).
  7. Click OK to save.

Step 2: Remove access for the QBLinkServer

  1. Open QuickBooks and the company file, be sure to log in as a QuickBooks administrator
  2. In QuickBoos go to Edit > Preferences
  3. Select Integrated Applications > Company Preferences
  4. Select QBLink and open Properties
  5. Note which QB user is used under automatic login ("Login as:"). Click cancel to dismiss
  6. Select QBLink and remove (remove all QBLinks if more than one)
  7. Click OK/Save and exit.

Step 3: Re-request access using the new version of QuickBooks / Reckon Accounts

Next step is to authenticate from the QBLinkServer.

This should be done after installing the new QuickBooks / Reckon Accounts with company database converted, ready to be used.

For the following steps, login as the Windows account noted on step 1, part 3 above!

  1. Open QuickBooks / Reckon Accounts with the company file open, be sure to log in as an administrator
  2. Open QBLinkServer
  3. click "Request access to QuickBooks", follow through the messages
  4. Switch to QuickBooks / Reckon Accounts, an authentication dialog should appear
  5. Select "Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks (Reckon Accounts) is not running"
  6. Pick the user noted in step 11 from the list
  7. Click Continue and follow through additional confirmation dialogs.

Lastly, re-enable the QBLinkServer service
  1. Open Windows Services (run "services.msc")
  2. Find "Xact QuickBooks Link Service"; open Properties
  3. Change Startup type to "Automatic" and save.
  4. Restart windows/server.