Xact Link for ACT! and QuickBooks Server Guide


Once installed, the application can be access through the Xact QB Link Server icon in Desktop or through Start – All Programs - Xact Link for ACT! and QuickBooks – Xact QB Link Server.

Operating Mode

QB Link Server can be operated in two modes:

  1. Desktop application
  2. Windows Service

They both have advantages and disadvantages. For seamless integration as a server component, running the server as Windows Service is recommended and it can be configured to run automatically when Windows start up with no user interactions.

Mode Advantages Disadvantages
Desktop Application
  • Simpler to setup
  • Can be setup to use already open QuickBooks data file, this means user on this machine can use QuickBooks while the QB Link Server is running.
  • Must be run manually, this means when Windows is restarted either by user or Windows automatic update, the QB Link Server must be manually restarted.
  • When user logs off Windows, the application is terminated and QB Link clients will not be able to connect to QB.
Windows Service
  • Can be configured to run automatically with no user interactions
  • More difficult to setup, may requires advanced Windows OS knowledge
  • QB data file / company file must be specified (cannot use open data file)