Xact Link for ACT! and QuickBooks Server Guide


Before going into specific issues, please check the following:

  • QuickBooks is installed
    QB Link Server will not be able to run without QuickBooks being installed on the machine. Certain configuration place the company file (qbw file) on the server machine without actually installing the QB application, this configuration will not work.
  • QuickBooks requirements
    Check the system requirements mentioned in the Overview section
  • Windows user is a member of the Administrator group, and therefore have administrative privileges
  • QuickBooks company file is located on the same machine as the QuickBooks itself (mapped drives are NOT locally stored file)

Please check Windows Event Viewer to see the error details, especially when starting QB Link Server as windows service where most error is not shown.

A few check list:

  • Restart QB Link Server
  • Restart the server machine where QB Link Server is installed
  • Configure firewall and router to allow data to go through the selected channel and port.
  • Make sure server settings in the client (Xact QB Link) match the connection settings on the server (channel and port number)
  • Try using http channel, see Settings section of this manual
    Note: Both QB Link Server and ACT! on the client machine must be restarted after changing channel settings.
  • Try re-authorizing QB Link Server in QuickBooks
    See Re-apply QB Link Server access section

Windows Vista & Windows 7

Due to security changes in Windows Vista certain settings may cause the server to fail specifically regarding connecting to QB issues.

Some checkpoints when running the QB Link Server as Application:

  • Turn Windows UAC on
  • Make sure QB Link Server is not run with “Run as administrator” option

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“Cannot start QuickBooks” error message

This can be caused a number of reasons:

If you receive this error when requesting access to QuickBooks:

  • QuickBooks version/edition does not support third-party application (see QB requirements)
  • QuickBooks is not currently running or no company file is opened
  • On Windows Vista/7, UAC is turned off or application was run with “Run as administrator” option
  • More than one QuickBooks version is installed
    Check Windows Control Panel – Programs (Add / Remove programs) to see if there are multiple version of QB installed.
    On some conditions, multiple installations of QuickBooks can break third-party integration. This is an issue with QuickBooks itself.
  • Corrupted installations of QuickBooks or data file (qbw file)
    There are some cases where upgrading QuickBooks leave behind old installations and files causing third-party integration to break; and also qbw file conversion gone ‘bad’ during update procedure.

If you receive this error when starting the server either as Application or Windows Service:

  • Make sure the correct option is selected when granting QB Link Server access to QB (see Initialization Setup)
  • If configured to run as Windows Service, make sure QuickBooks is closed when starting the service
  • Make sure you have enough QB user license, when started, QB Link Server consume one and only one QB user license (regardless of how many QB Link clients connected to it)
  • If you have multiple company file, make sure the company file selected is the same company file QB Link Server was granted access to.
    To check this, open the company file, go to Edit >> Preferences >> Integrated Applications >> Company Preferences, check if “QBLink” is listed in the application name.

In addition the checkpoints above, try following item individually

  • Restart the machine
  • Re-authorizing QB Link Server in QuickBooks
    See Re-apply QB Link Server access
  • Perform data file verification
    Go to File >> Utilities >> Verify Data
  • Perform backup-restore operation
    1. Backup data file
    2. Close QuickBooks
    3. Move the data file including the supplemental files (.nd, .lgb, .tlg file) into a different folder
    4. Run QuickBooks and perform data file restore

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Re-apply QB Link Server access

Follow these steps to re-authenticate QB Link Server with QuickBooks

  1. Run QuickBooks , open the company file as Admin, and switch to Single-user mode (if applicable)
  2. Go to Edit – Preferences
  3. Select Integrated Application, choose Company Preferences
  4. Select “QBLink”
  5. Click Remove button and confirm delete.
  6. If there are more than one QBLink entry, repeat step 4 & 5
  7. Click OK
  8. Close and restart QuickBooks, open the same company file
  9. While QuickBooks is opened, switch back to QB Link Server
  10. Click Request Access to QuickBooks link
  11. Make sure to allow access even when QuickBooks is not running.

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