Xact Link for ACT! and QuickBooks User Manual


The Xact Link for ACT! & QuickBooks is an application which allows ACT! users to connect to selected QuickBooks accounting products; in doing so it provides ACT! users with the ability to view QuickBooks customer information, and update and enter customer data to QuickBooks from within ACT!.

The link operates as an ACT! plug-in; when installed it operates as a tab within the Contact detail view in ACT!. In addition it provides a menu item within the Tools menu in ACT!.


  • Import key sales data into QuickBooks for offline viewing
  • Offline Data - access customer information, account information and sales history when you're not connected to QuickBooks.
  • View/edit credit card details (USA & CA only)
  • Time & Billing now included in your subscription
  • Create a connection between your Customer Records in ACT! and their corresponding Cards in QuickBooks.
  • Vendors Overview tab
  • Create and edit Vendors from Act!
  • Create and update Customer Cards directly from ACT!
  • View Customer Card details and Sales History from within ACT!
  • View Aged Receivables from ACT!
  • Create Estimates, Sales Orders, Invoices, Sales Receipts and Credit Memo's direct from ACT!
  • Convert ACT! Opportunities to QuickBooks sales documents
  • Create customisable templates that merge both ACT! and QuickBooks fields
  • Attach Estimates, Invoices and Sales Receipts to the History tab in ACT! and email to your customer as a secure pdf attachment through integration to Outlook
  • View a list of all the items a customer has purchased and create new transactions based on past purchases.
  • Link ACT! Contacts to QuickBooks Vendors then view Bills and create Purchase Orders
  • View QuickBooks and set monitoring alarms from within ACT!
  • Report on key Customer Account information from within ACT!.
  • Perform QuickBooks searches for linked Customers/Vendors and Customers with invoices to be emailed, then turn these into ACT! lookups.
  • Define what QuickBooks operations each ACT! user can perform with User Access Control.
  • Supports QuickBooks customer and item level pricing
  • Link for ACT! and QuickBooks - Lite.
  • Integration with the Xact Time & Billing product.