Xact Link for ACT! and QuickBooks User Manual

Understanding Workflow

The main reason behind linking a CRM system such as ACT! to an Accounting system such as QuickBooks is to improve workflow within the organization, CRM systems are considered as front office system, used mainly by customer facing staff while Account systems are considered as back office systems.

Information within the organization should be accessible by anyone who needs it regardless of whether they’re working in the front office or the back office, hence the link allows customer facing staff to access some financial information and functions in order to improve productivity and provide a higher level of service.

An example of that would be the elimination of the dual entry of data when creating new customers, without a link between CRM and Accounting you would typically start with a prospect in your CRM system, as this prospect turns into a customer you need to re-enter their details in the accounting system.

Another example is eliminating the need to jump between multiple systems or spend more time communicating with other members in the organization to retrieve a piece of information, without integration between CRM and Accounting, Sales staff who don’t have access to the accounting database don’t usually have up to date financial information about their customers, they’d need to ask for this information from the accountant.

With the integration between CRM and accounting, this information becomes accessible in real-time and customer facing staff can be better equipped to handle customer queries.