Xact Link for ACT! and QuickBooks Install & Setup Guide

Installation Options

Installing the QuickBooks Link Locally

  1. Select Local if QB is installed on this machine
  2. Click Next to try connecting to QuickBooks
    To review or change other settings, click on the “Open configuration menu” link
  3. Click Next to perform the connection test to QuickBooks. In QuickBooks the following window should appear if the link manages to connect:
  4. Choose “Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open” to allow the link to access QuickBooks.
  5. Click Done to confirm.
  6. Switch back to ACT! to continue with the Wizard.
  7. Click Next to proceed to the last screen and Close to exit the wizard.

Once the link is given access to the QuickBooks database file ACT! will proceed to complete the startup process and will load its Contacts database, you will notice that the ACT! contacts detail view has an extra tab with the label QuickBooks.

Setup is now completed, restart ACT! to complete the setup.

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Installing the QuickBooks Link Remotely

This setup allows multiple machines running ACT! and our link product to work without installing QB on each of these machines.

For this setup to work, there are additional steps:

  1. Install Xact QB Link Server where QuickBooks is installed
  2. Configure Xact QB Link Server with QuickBooks to receive incoming connection
  3. Configure Xact Link for QuickBooks to connect to QB Link server


Remote QuickBooks setup requires that you are familiar with client / server communication and windows ports; it is recommended that multi user scenarios are handled by a professional network administrator or an ACT! consultant.

One extra component to be installed on the server side:

  • Xact QB Link Server

The QB Link server must be installed on the same machine where QuickBooks is installed. Once the server is setup, client machines where ACT! and the link product will then be able connect to QuickBooks from across the network.

Note: This setup is not required in situation if QuickBooks installed on each of the workstations. Use Local QuickBooks option in this situation.


Installing Xact QB Link Server

Please refer to Xact QB Link Server Manual document.


Setting up the Link to connect to QB Link Server

  1. Start ACT!, ignore any connection error you may encounter.
  2. Open link configuration settings: Tools - Xact Link for QuickBooks.
  3. Change connection type to: Xact QB Link Server
  4. Enter the server name and also specify channel and port number to match the server’s settings. By default port number is set to 28080.
  5. Click OK to save and click Test connection button to try to connect to the QB Link server.
  6. Restart ACT!

Note: For multiple machine installations, repeat the above procedure.

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