Xact Link for ACT! and QuickBooks Install & Setup Guide

Before Installation

Prior to installation please ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements to run ACT! and also ensure that your system meets the following criteria.

  • A supported version of ACT! is installed and running with no issues
  • A supported version of QuickBooks is installed and running with no issues.
  • Both ACT! And the target QuickBooks products have the latest patches and inline updates applied.

If the above requirements are met then you can proceed with the installation, make sure that neither ACT! or QuickBooks are running before you start the installation process. Also, prior to installing ensure that you have administrator rights on the target machine.

The link utilizes the ACT! contact record fields to store some QuickBooks related data, the first field would be used to store the QuickBooks record ID (can be called QBLink) , the second field must be a memo field, it is used for storing the user’s access settings (can be called QBAccess).

There are two possible ways to install and setup the Xact Link for QuickBooks.

  • Local database setup, in this setup both ACT! and QuickBooks are running on the same machine.
  • Server / network setup, in this scenario ACT! and QuickBooks reside on different machines.

Local database setup can still be deployed on multiple workstations when QuickBooks is also installed on these machines using QuickBooks’ own multi user setup.