Xact Link for ACT! and MYOB Server Guide


Why client server setup?

The current versions of MYOB run on a very old database called C-Tree , this database was designed back when office networking was un-heard of in a business environment , as a result MYOB databases tend to run really slowly when 3rd party applications (such as the Xact link) connect to it.

What does client server setup do?

Client server setup with the Xact link aims to overcome the slow connection issues experienced when connecting to an MYOB data file across the network.

By default the MYOB application is setup to send the entire data file across the network whenever a query is made to it (e.g. requesting a customer’s list forces MYOB to pull 250 Megabyte file).

The Xact Link server solves this issue by ensuring that only the requested data is passed across and not the entire data file.

How does it work?

In client server scenarios the Xact link run what is referred to as a windows service, this service can be configured to connect to a particular MYOB data file, when this service is running it maintains a persistent connection to that data file.

Requests coming from across the network are processed and data is returned in real time to the service client (i.e. a copy of Act running with the Xact Link).

The Xact service counts as a logged in user into MYOB, so when doing maintenance work (such as Backup) on the data file the administrator must remember to stop the service so that it disconnects from the data file.