Xact Link for Act! and Xero Install & Setup Guide

Setup Wizard

The next step is to configure the link to work with Act! and Xero.

On the first startup of Act!, a Setup Wizard will appear to guide you through the configuration.


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Creating new link field

This step requires Act! admin privileges and requires a new field to be created. If the field does not exist the wizard will create one for you.


If you have previously installed the link this field may already exist and you can simply choose it from the drop down list. The field is by default named "XeroLink".



  • This field should be used exclusively by the link, do not use or modify the value of this field.
  • Creating the new field only needs to be done once; on reinstalling or upgrading the product the same field can/should be reused.

Click Next  to continue.

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Authentication Options

In this step we configure how the authentication is made.


If you are evaluating the product leave the "Public authentication" selected and proceed to the next step, click Next .

If you have paid for the subscriptions, the next section will guide you on how to setup "Private Application"

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Private Application Setup

Private Application allows persistent connection to Xero and seamless integration between Act and Xero.

Note: Skip this section if you have not purchase the subscription.

Upon a successful purchase of the product subscription, a .zip file will be emailed to the registered subscriber's email address (contact support@xactsoftware.co.nz if you have not receive this email 24 hours after the purchase).  You will need to un-zip the files into a folder, if there are more than one users using Xero Link for Act! then make sure this folder is accessible by the other users. Take a note of this folder location for the following step.


To setup private application you will need to register the application in Xero.

Follow these steps to set this up:

  1. Log in to https://app.xero.com using any web browser
  2. Open My Apps - Select New App button on the right

    Important: If you see “Xact Xero Link” (or “Xero Link”) listed in “My Apps” then there is a very good chance it’s already been done, do not create another entry and proceed to Enable Private Application section.
  3. Choose Private app
  4. Enter Application Name: Xact Xero Link
  5. Choose which company database to use if you have more than one.
  6. Click anywhere inside the Public Key area and browse for "publickey.cer" file. This file is included in the .zip file emailed to you upon purchasing the product subscription.
  7. Tick to agree to the Xero Developer Platform Terms & Conditions.
  8. Click Create App

Xero will then supply a set of keys (App Credentials).


Use the Copy button to copy both codes back in Act – Xero Authentication settings
Leave this browser window open for the next section.


  1. Copy and paste Consumer Key given from Xero to the Consumer key field in the Setup Wizard
  2. Copy and paste Consumer Secret given from Xero to the Consumer secret field in the Setup Wizard
  3. Browse for "public-privatekey.pfx".  This file is included in the .zip file emailed to you upon purchasing the product subscription.
  4. Tick to enable Auto Connect.

Click Next to complete setup.

Note: Setup Wizard can always be run at anytime, go to Tools - Xact Link for Xero - Tasks - Setup Wizard

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