Xact Link for Act! and Xero User Manual


The Xact Link for Act! and Xero is an application which allows Act! users to connect to their Xero account, by doing so it provides Act! users with the ability to view Xero contact information from within Act! as well as the ability to update and enter contact data to Xero from within Act!.

The link operates as an Act! plug-in, when installed it operates as an additional Tab within the Contact detail view within Act!, in addition it provides an extra menu item within the Tools menu in Act!.

Why integrate Act! and Xero

Integrating a front office system such as Act! with a back office system such as Xero serves the following purposes:

  • Provide customer facing staff with controlled access to the financial information needed for them to provide a higher level of service.
  • Allow customer information to flow from the front office to the back office without the need for dual entry of data.

As a result of the above your business can operate more efficiently as dual entry of customer record information is eliminated and front-line staff have access to customer information without the need to jump between multiple systems.

What is the Xact Link for Act! and Xero

The Xact Link for Act! and Xero (XLAX for short) is an add-on for the popular contact management system Act! When installed the link adds a new tab to the Act! Contact detail view and provides an extra menu item within the Tools menu in Act!.


The features listed below are available in both the desktop and web version of the product:

  • Import Xero contact records into Act!
  • Link any Act! contact(s) to an existing Xero customer or supplier record
  • Update a Xero contact record directly from within Act!
  • Create a new Xero contact record from within Act!
  • View customer and supplier invoices for a given Xero contact from within Act!
  • Create customer and supplier invoices from within Act!
  • Xero contact's overview showing contact details and brief financial standings
  • Filtered view of invoices that are familiar to Xero users
  • View, print, email, or save Xero invoice PDF to Act! history and documents tab
  • ‘Linked contacts’ lookup function;
  • Supports User Access Control for Act! users

Additional features available in the desktop version include the ability to:

  • Multi-Currency support
  • Export Act! contact records to Xero
  • Import Xero inventory items to Act! Opportunity Products table
  • Use an Auto Link Wizard to establish a connection between your existing Act! and Xero contacts
  • Support for Xero “Payment Terms”
  • Select different Xero invoice branding theme
  • Manage Act! user access to Xero Link with User Access Control