Xact Link for Act! and Xero User Manual

Overview of the Link

When installed the link adds a new tab under the contact detail view in Act!, this tab provides access to the linked contact record’s information in Xero.  An un-linked Act! contact will show a blank Xero contact details.

Xero Tab

  • Linked to: Click to open Contact Link Wizard. Shows the Xero contact name/company which the current Act! contact is linked to.
  • View Xero Contact Details: Show additional details of the linked Xero contact.
  • Update Xero Contact: Updates the currently linked Xero contact from Act! contact record; this button is not shown if the current Act! contact is not linked to a Xero contact.
  • Create Xero Contact: Create a new Xero contact using details from the current Act! record; this button is only available if the current record is not already linked.
  • Status Bar: Shows the connection status and which organisation (database) in Xero the link is connected to. This bar also shows any current tasks being performed by the link.

Side Tab

  • Overview: Shows current financial standings, recently saved documents, and Xero contact details.
  • Sales: Shows customer invoices and quotes.
  • Purchase: Shows supplier invoices (bills) and purchase orders.


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Sales tab

  • New Invoice/Quote: Create a new customer invoice / quote. Hover the mouse over this button to view an additional set of commands, such as creating an invoice from an Act! Opportunity.
  • Quote/Invoice filter: Shows all sales documents, or just invoices/quotes only.
  • Status filters: Enables you to filter the transactions by the status of the document (Draft, Submitted, Approved etc.).
  • Refresh: Reloads data from Xero.
  • Find: Search for specific text in both invoice number and reference number currently shown on the list.


Most of the above also applies to Purchase tab.

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Invoice Form

  • Invoice status: Draft – Awaiting Approval – Awaiting Payment – Paid
  • Contact name: Click on this link to display the Xero contact details
  • Currency: Invoice currency, defaults to currency set in Xero contact, or if not specified, currency set in the Xero organisation settings.
  • Due Date: Displays the date the invoice is due. This data can be automatically calculated by specifying Payment Terms in Xero contact, or if not set, Payment Terms specified in Xero organisation settings.
  • Invoice Number: Leave blank to allow Xero to automatically assign an invoice number


  • Branding: Selects a Xero Invoice Branding theme to this invoice
  • Copy to Act! History (or Document): Creates a copy of the invoice as PDF and attaches it against the contact in Act!
  • Print / Preview: Opens a print preview of the invoice which can then be printed
    • Approve and Print: Approved this invoice and print the invoice
  • Send: Emails the invoice PDF
    • Approve and Send: Apprice this invoice and email the PDF
  • Save/Update Invoice : Saves this invoice to Xero and close the form
  • Close: Cancel changes and closes the form

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Options - Tasks

Accessible in Xero tab, open Tools - Options.  Or alternatively, in Act main menu: Tools - Xact Link for Xero.


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