Subly User Manual

Subly is Xact Software's subscription management service. If you wish to purchase a subscription-based product you will need to create an Xact Account using this service. The process for doing this is as follows:

Creating an Xact Account

  1. Open your product (e.g. Run Act! where our add-on product is installed)
  2. Open "Xact Account" in the product's settings menu or configuration window,
  3. Click on the "Registration" tab and complete the form
  4. You should receive an email asking you to verify your account
  5. If you wish to modify your account details at any time log into your account and click on the "Account Info" tab.

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Activating the Subscription

  1. After you have created an account you must apply the evaluation subscription. If you have already paid for a subscription go to step 6.
  2. Click on the subscription and click "Select and apply subscription"
  3. The product will then run for the designated trial period
  4. If you wish to continue using the product after the trial has expired, click "Buy subscription" to proceed to our checkout website.
  5. Your subscription will then be added to your Xact account
  6. You may need to remove the demo subscription and apply the newly purchased subscription.

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Managing Subscription

  1. Open and click “My Xact Account” on the top menu, orange highlighted.
  2. Login with the Xact Account. This should be the same account that was used to purchase/trial the product.
  3. Open "Subscription" page
  4. Click "Manage"
  5. To remove a user, click the ‘x’ next to the user name. Limits may apply.
  6. Save to complete changes.

Adding a new user to the subscription

Once a slot it vacated, a new user can then be added by simply using the product with the new user logon.

If not logged on, make sure to log in with the same Xact Account, do not create a new account. A prompt may be displayed to add the new user, or, on some other product you may need to open “My Xact Account” inside the tab in Act!.


A notification is displayed followed by a prompt to add the new user to the subscription.

Note: Check the following if the above notification or prompt is not displayed:

  • You must be logged on to the Xact Account
  • Choose the subscription on the list and click "Select Subscription", - or -
  • If subscription was already selected, choose “Change subscription” link (may also read “Click here to change subscription for current user”)
    Click “Select Subscription” to re-apply the subscription.

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