Xact Link for ACT! and Accredo User Manual


The Xact Link for Accredo (XLAA for short) is a plugin for the ACT! CRM system, it allows an ACT! user to connect to an Accredo database, in doing so ACT users can access debtor account and contact details directly from within ACT!.

This document provides an overview of the Xact Link for ACT and Accredo, it describes the process of connecting ACT and Accredo together, highlights the benefits of the integration and provides a walk-through for new users.

Why integrate ACT! and Accredo?

Integrating a front office system such as ACT with a back office system such as Accredo serves the following purposes:

  • Provide customer facing staff with controlled access to the financial information needed for them to provide a higher level of service.
  • Allow customer information to flow from the front office to the back office without the need for dual entry of data.
  • Provide sales staff with the ability to perform back office functions directly from within the front office (e.g. raise a quote) using accurate back office data which is retrieved in real time.

As a result of the above the staff can work more efficiently since dual entry of customer record information is eliminated and customer facing staff have access to customer information without the need to jump between multiple systems.


  • Link ACT! Contacts to existing Accredo Customers or Contacts
  • Import multiple Accredo Customers and Contacts into ACT!
  • Create a new Accredo Customer or Contact from an ACT! record
  • Update Accredo Customer and Contact details from within ACT!
  • View Customer Account Summaries and Balances from within ACT!
  • View Accredo Invoices from within ACT!
  • Import Accredo Customer and Contact memo’s into ACT!
  • Link ACT! Contacts to Accredo Creditors
  • View Creditor Account Summaries and Balances from within ACT!
  • See a list of Creditor Purchase Orders from within ACT!
  • View the Accredo Contacts list for the currently linked Customer/Creditor
  • Choose which columns are displayed when viewing Invoices/Purchase Orders

Product Roadmap

Future development for the product is still under review and will be largely dependent on user feedback. However, features intended for the next release may include the ability to:

  • Create Accredo Quotes and Invoices from within ACT!
  • Print Accredo Sales Documents using custom templates.

The Accredo integration with ACT! is continuously evolving to meet the specific needs of its users. We consider all feedback about how this product can be improved and will continue to add functionality incrementally throughout the life of the product.