Xact Time and Billing Pro User Manual

How to..

Create a New Ticket from Activity

Open the Act! contact in Details View to create a ticket for.

Open Tickets tab, and open New Ticket

Click the open icon (yellow folder) next to the "Activity" text.


Select the Activity to create the ticket from.


If the activity is not listed, try to change the Activity date and/or Act user.

Click Select Activity to proceed.

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Auto Create Ticket from Activity

In Contacts Detail View, open Tickets tab.

On the side panel, open Settings.


Check "Prompt to create ticket when creating an Activity"


Click Add, select an activity type from the pop-up list, and choose Select.

Click Save and restart Act to apply changes.

Note: Xact Case Manager must be installed for all Act users for this function to work.

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Print a Ticket

Open the contact where the Ticket is recorded, you can also view all the tickets "Assigned to" by opening the Act user's contact record.

Open the Ticket, click Print


A preview of the ticket will be displayed and printer selection window, click Print to send the document to the printer.


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Customize Templates

Xact Case Manager is using an HTML based templates to generate its emails and printouts. You can create new templates or customise existing ones with Notepad or an HTML editor.

The templates can be modified to add contact level fields (e.g. Contact, Company, Address 1 etc.), to do so simply add the fields between two sets of curly brackets, for example:

You can also add fields from the ticket itself. The following is a list of all the available fields, these fields are enclosed in double square brackets, for example: [[TicketID]]




Company logo (configured in Settings)


Ticket or activity type name (e.g. Call, Meeting)


Ticket unique number (e.g. CH20161028165514)


Case number if ticket, if applicable


Ticket priority


Regarding field


Assigned to field (Act user)


Scheduled with field (Client / contact)


Ticket Status




Ticket start date and/or time




Ticket end date and/or time


Job or activity duration


Estimated activity duration


Billable duration


Job or activity result


List of billable items added to the ticket.


Company logo (configurable in Settings)


Internal notes


Attachment file name

Ticket template file is located in [Act plugin folder]\XactCaseManager; e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\ACT\Act for Web\Plugins\XactCaseManager\TicketTemplate.html"

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