Xact Time and Billing Pro User Manual


What is Time and Billing Pro

Time and Billing Pro is an add-on to the Act! CRM system by Swiftpage, it enables Act users to manage and track billable activities by utilizing a time ticketing concept.

Time and Billing Pro uses Act’s own calendar, activities and products list to create and manage Tickets, in doing so it leverages the inherit power of Act and presents a familiar user experience.


  • New! Dashboard: Built for operational managers with 'live' overview of all open tickets and cases
  • Schedule all your billable activities in Act! or create as you go
  • Review, update and complete billable activities
  • Case view. combine multiple tickets into a single Case for easy project tracking
  • Company view, tracks ALL tickets for multiple contacts within Act company view
  • Direct calendar integration: When creating an activity in the calendar view users will get a prompt to create a ticket
  • Recording to history: Choose to include ticket details in the Act! History tab
  • Track tickets and invoices back to back to the record manager
  • Add line items to a tickets
  • Turn completed billing activities into invoices using selected Xact Accounting Links for Act!
  • Flexible workflow by allowing ticket to be created to and from Act Activity
  • Select how the description appears in the invoice by ticket merge fields
  • Reassign tickets to a different contact.
  • Merge multiple tickets into a single invoice
  • Attachment support for photos / images or any other file types pertinent to a ticket
  • Additional notes: Users can add notes to ticket for internal reference
  • Email Support: Users can now send tickets as emails using custom template


  • Capture: In many organisations time often slips through un-billed. With Xact Case Manager no activity goes unrecorded. Now you can easily capture all your activity information, every time.
  • Manage – with Xact Case Manager you can review, update and complete activities, ensuring the data remains accurate and up-to-date. You can also ensure accountability by tracking activities and invoices back to the record manager, and keep track of products used by adding line items to a ticket.
  • Bill: Combine Case Manager with selected Xact accounting links products and you can turn completed ticket and activities into invoices direct from Act! with the click of a button, eliminating duplication of data and reducing data entry errors. You can also bill for entire projects by grouping tickets into a Case or merging multiple ticket-activities into a single invoice.