Xact Smart Dash for ACT! User Manual


What is Xact Smart Dash for ACT!

Smart Dash exploits the power of Google Maps and Charts so you can take a deep dive into ACT! or any other external database and analyse the data in one central location. Now you can harness true Business Intelligence.

Smart dash uses SQL (Structured Query Language) to create visually rich charts & maps, providing users with unlimited potential to customise queries. Users can report on just about anything in ACT! including Contacts, Groups, Companies, Activities and Opportunities, and any external database that is ODBC or OLEDB compatible, for example Microsoft Access and MYOB. Smart Dash can also be mixed-and-matched with ACT!’s default dashboard, making it one of the most versatile reporting addons for ACT!.


  • New re-designed interface
  • Access and analyse data on Groups and Companies. For example, view all the activities for a particular group and group companies by industry or size
  • Access external databases including other CRM programs, Excel Spreadsheets and Accounting Software
  • Output data using Area Charts, useful for analysing KPI’s and sales trends for different ACT! users or teams over time
  • Integration with Google Maps, which can enable you to view a map of all the clients you have to visit today, or see how your customers are segmented geographically
  • Ability to create highly customized queries using SQL
  • Ability to export dashboard queries to excel
  • Include parameters in your queries to easily refine and segment your dashboards. Types of parameters available are:
    • Manually entered parameters
    • Parameters where the data source is an ACT! picklist (e.g. "Record Manager")
    • Parameters where the source is an ACT! query