Xact Smart Dash for ACT! Install & Setup Guide


Smart Dash for ACT! is a custom dashboard control for the ACT Customer & Contact Manager. This control can display visually rich charts and maps which are based on SQL queries and can report on data that resides both inside and externally to ACT!


The Xact Smart Dash addon for ACT! is compatible with the following versions of ACT! Pro and ACT! Premium:

  • ACT! 11.0 (ACT! 2009)
  • ACT! 12.0 (ACT! 2010)
  • ACT! 13.0 (ACT! 2011)
  • ACT! 14.0 (ACT! 2012)
  • ACT! 15.0 (ACT! 2013)
  • ACT! 16.0 (ACT! 2014)

The Xact Smart Dash for ACT! is not compatible with ACT! Premium for Web.

Note: Smart Dash requires an internet connection to retrieve chart visualisation data from Google, however no data is sent to Google when rendering any of the Smart Dash queries.

Product Registration

This add-on will run in trial mode for 30 days, while in trial mode it will be fully functional, once the trial period has expired then you will need to register the add-on in order to continue using it.

Registration requires you to enter a license key, your company’s name & Email address. You can register the add-on by clicking on the Register button which is found under "Options > Queries Browser > Register Product" .

Note: if you are running windows vista or windows 7 then please ensure that you start ACT! as an administrator prior to registering the product.

Required skills set

In order to use SmartDash it is expected that you are familiar with SQL queries and setting up connection strings, the Dashboard control comes with samples which can be modified or used to build new queries if required.