Xact Smart Dash for ACT! FAQ's


What is Xact Smart Dash addon for ACT!?
Xact Smart Dash addon for ACT! is an advanced reporting tool designed to work in the ACT! Dashboards module.

What does the addon do?
The addon enables users to report on a variety of data form within ACT! and also data from compatible external databases - all from within ACT!.

What are the benefits of using Smart Dash?

  • Smart Dash provides flexibility beyond ACT!'s own dashboard, giving users unlimited potential to customize queries.
  • Users can report on anything that is available through ACT!'s OLEDB provider including Contacts, Groups, Companies, Activities and Opportunities.
  • Users can report on any external database that is ODBC or OLEDB compatible, such as Microsoft Access, QuoteWerks or QuickBooks*.

*In some cases you may need a 3rd party connector to access an external database, for example to connect with QuickBooks you will be required to have the QDBC driver installed.

How does the addon work?
Once installed the addon adds a new Control to the ACT! dashboard designer.

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View system requirements here

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What are the prerequisites for running the addon?
All you need to run Smart Dash is a compatible version of ACT! and an internet connection. If you are planning on running reports on external databases you will need to ensure that they are ODBC or OLEDB compatible.

What skills are required in order to create new Smart Dash reports?
In order to worth with the Smart Dash control you need to be familiar with SQL queries and have an understanding of how to create connection strings. You will also need to be familiar with creating/editing ACT! Dashboard layouts. Note: different data source providers have their own variations with regards to the structure of the connection string.

For more information and an interactive tutorial on SQL visit www.w3schools.com.

For a quick reference to creating connection strings for different data sources refer to www.connectionstrings.com.

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How do I install the addon?
Installation is simple; all you need to do is to un-zip the software package and run the Setup.exe file then simply follow the installation instructions and make sure that the addon is installed to the right directory.

Do I need to be a windows administrator when installing the addon?
Yes you need to be logged onto your PC as a windows administrator when installing the addon.

Can I install the link without having ACT! on my machine?
Since the link is an addon for ACT! you must have a compatible version of ACT! installed and running.

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I have installed the addon, how do I configure it to appear in my ACT! Dashboard?

To configure Smart Dash go to the ACT! Dashboards Module and create a new dashboard or edit an existing one - doing this will open the Dashboard Designer. In the list on the left side you should see an item under the Custom section called "SmartDashControl" simply drag and drop this into your dashboard.

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I have installed and configured the addon but there are no charts showing, what's wrong?
Provided the link has been installed and configured correctly it is likely that the carts are not showing because you do not have an internet connection. The only charts that are available offline are tables.

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Contact and Support

I have a question that is not answered here, how can I contact you?
You can get our contact details through our website www.Xactsoftware.co.nz or you can E-mail us at support@Xactsoftware.co.nz , for sales you can email sales@Xactsoftware.co.nz

Do you offer any support packages?
We do support on case by case basis, all support requests are subject to Xact Software's terms of service, you are welcome to contact us if you wish to obtain a copy of our Terms of Trade document.

What support methods do you offer?
We offer Phone support, Remote support and on-site visits; please note that in some cases we may need to arrange a time in advance to assist with your support queries.

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