Xact Time and Billing Pro Install & Setup Guide


How to Install

To install the add-on follow these steps:

  1. Close Act! if its already running
  2. Open the setup application (Setup.exe) file and follow the installation instructions
  3. By default the add-on is installed in your [Program Files]/ACT/ACT for Windows/Plugins folder,
    If you have custom Act folder, point to the correct one.
  4. Start Act! after installation is completed successfuly

Initial Configuration

After a successful install of the add-on; a new Ticket tab will appear in Act! contact details view.

Upon running Act! for the first time after, additional steps is needed to update the Act! database for Xact Case Manager to run.
Open the Tickets tab inside contact details view and click Update Database button, confirm and close Act.

Open Act! and make sure to login as Act! administrator. It is highly recommended that all other Act! users are now logged off.

Choose Yes to proceed with the update process.

Note: This process requires used to log into the 'main' database (as oppose to 'subscriber' database)