Smart Inbox User Manual


What is Xact Smart Inbox for ACT!

Smart Inbox is an application which is designed to run as a windows service, its main function is to connect to a designated E-mail account through IMAP or POP, process these E-mails and attach them as Contact history records in ACT!

In doing so Smart Inbox allows ACT! Users to use any E-mail client of choice and provides the ability to attach E-mails to ACT! Contact records from any device.



Email freedom from Act!

  • Selectively attach any email to Act! from any email client on any device
  • No need to rely on Act!'s native Outlook or Gmail integration
  • Email messages are saved as HTML so can be viewed from any browser, independently from your email client
  • Emails with attachments are bundled into .zip files for easy viewing
  • Automatically create a contact if the email address doesn't already exist in Act! (the contact name will be set with "New Contact" and the email address will be copied to the email field)